PROTEQ thinks in line with end users: our ballistic inlays in the bulletproof vests are symmetrical.

PROTEQ bodygear upholds extreme quality standards, as we are fully aware that our products must protect the lives of our clients on a daily basis. PROTEQ makes no exceptions in conducting the final quality check, before shipping our products from our production facility in Bad Bentheim, Germany.

PROTEQ bodygear manufactures tailored products with high-end materials, based on a sport-tech design. These ingredients make our bulletproof vests highly comfortable. PROTEQ is sincere about users’ demands and protects the complete upper body all around, including overlapping sides.

“The creative search of implementing new things into the vest is always around. I really love to work in this open and creative team. It is extremely satisfying when you are able to work with and get direct input from end-users resulting in new textile concepts.’’


Textile development @ PROTEQ

“Being in touch with customers and colleagues full with energy, is great. There is always a solution for a problem, this is what we believe and practice. Thanks to this attitude I get positive feedback from customers and colleagues. A real pleasure to be an important member of this PROTEQ family.’’


Sales management @ PROTEQ

Clients need to know, feel and see every vital detail of our ‘life-saving product’.


How to start?

Touch & feel

Of course, you are interested in our ballistic solutions!
But how to meet our products? Simply order a “touch & feel” sample to face our product live on your desk.

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What to expect?

A perfect sample

We will send you the second most reality of a bullet proof vest. Although we manufacture very flexible ballistic solutions, we are not able to fould a complete bullet proof vest inside a small sample box. We can and will however send you the next most perfect sample. This will give you a very good idea what to expect from our vests.

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light and flexible ballistic insert.

How to proceed?

We will contact you directly to ask for your requirements. We will take care of the sample to touch & feel the in- and outside of your bullet proof vest, including your light and flexible ballistic insert.

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At PROTEQ bodygear

we combine our eminent knowledge and experience in the field of ballistic protection and material structure with our skilled production and development team.

development, designs, and production

PROTEQ bodygear develops, designs, and produces personal protection armour with our own core values in mind. PROTEQ focuses on ballistic protection through smart design, by using the chemical and intrinsic qualities of first-grade textiles to our advantage.

strong and unique focus 

PROTEQ bodygear aims to gain a singular position in the current market of producers, manufacturers, traders, and distributors, with a strong and unique focus on price/quality ratio, tailor-made production, second-generation materials, and sleek design