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PROTEQ bodygear

designed to proteQt you !

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international body armour standards


PROTEQ bodygear solely produces ballistic solutions certified by recognised institutions. This way the user exactly knows what the protection level is for his or her ballistic product. Each separate ballistic part has been fitted with the protection level, the certificate number, any specials tests and the testing institute.

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AK47 flexible solution 2017

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ISO 9001:2008 certificate

We are proud to inform that both PROTEQ bodygear BV (Hengelo – NL) and PROTEQ bodygear GmbH (Bad Bentheim – D) have received the ISO 9001:2008 certifcate as from Juli 2012 !

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Qoolvest: what keeps you cool

PROTEQ is developing a Qoolvest to keep the body cool. The Qoolvest will be available as an option on our current bulletproof vests and also as a stand-alone product.

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What makes PROTEQ different


Our vests are tailor-made for each end-user. By means of our unique measuring system for male and female we are able to fit your individual vest like a second skin.

Every produced ballistic vest is unique !


Our textile carrier design is our most important functionality. PROTEQ has an eye for detail, our bulletproof vest must look “slick”, but not at the expense of any wearing and technical functionallities.

PROTEQ vests with the perfect touch !


Our protection armour is made of the most flexible high-end materials. We are open to all new innovations as long as the ballistic flexibility remains. The wearer must have complete freedom of movement while practicing his profession.

PROTEQ makes this happen !

PROTEQ bodygear: designed to proteQt you!
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