Tailor-made ballistic protection

PROTEQ bodygear ballistic armour is made of the most flexible high-end materials. Tailor-made to your size and protection request. We are open to all innovations, as long as ballistic flexibility remains. Users must have complete freedom of movement while carrying out their duties.

PROTEQ makes this happen!

The PROTEQ touch & feel

Ever wondered how a bullet proof vest feels like? Get in touch with our sample and you will be convinced, how flexibility and quality feels. We give you a unique experience to receive a small sample of material we use for your ballistic bodygear, tailor-made for you.

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We tailor our vests to each end-user’s size. With our unique, separate measuring system for males and females, we can make your individual vest fit like a second skin. every ballistic vest we produce is unique! PROTEQ bodygear is your go-to protective bodygear specialist. By using the best materials, innovations, and full customisation, we turn safety and comfort into an all-inclusive concept. We tailor bulletproof vests to your exact fit. PROTEQ knows what you need! PROTEQ bodygear thoroughly understands that the lives of our clients depend on our products. We know that, at all times, they must be able to rely on extreme quality standards. We are therefore uncompromising in conducting our final quality check, prior to shipping from our Bad Bentheim production facility. PROTEQ is ISO9001-certified!

“Create the most flexible ballistic vests; that’s my personal goal! I strongly believe that a flexible bulletproof vest is more comfortable to wear. We use flexible woven ballistic materials to stop bullets without the use of lighter but more rigid materials. Within PROTEQ I have the opportunity to be innovative, think outside the box and focus on wearability. Do not scale the weight but feel the weight of your bulletproof vest.”

Fred Tijink

Managing director @ PROTEQ

Designed to proteqt you!

Our textile carrier design is our most important functionality. PROTEQ has an eye for detail. We want our bulletproof vests to look smart, but not at the expense of comfort and technical functionalities.

PROTEQ vests have the perfect touch!

The most comfortable bodygear!

PROTEQ bodygear develops, designs, and produces personal protection armour with our own core values in mind. PROTEQ focuses on ballistic protection through smart design, by using the chemical and intrinsic qualities of first-grade textiles to our advantage.

The most comfortable bodygear!

The most reliable bodygear!

PROTEQ bodygear’s ballistic solutions strictly adhere to recognised institutions’ directives. This ensures that the end user exactly knows their ballistic product’s protection level. All separate ballistic parts have been visibly marked with their protection level, certificate number, any specials tests they have underwent, and at what test institute.

The most reliable bodygear!

The most flexible ballistic solutions!

PROTEQ bodygear follows existing, renowned guidelines, such as the German TR, the British HOSDB, or the American NIJ. PROTEQ actively exchanges ideas with clients. Are there any new threats to be expected in a specific field of operation? Is stab protection required? How much freedom of movement does the user need? PROTEQ bodygear has ample development and testing facilities, as well as partners, to offer any kind of desired solution….we are your exclusive supplier of certified ballistic solutions and vests.

The most flexible ballistic solutions!

Extreme quality standards!

PROTEQ bodygear bulletproof vests are developed and designed in house. All parts of the vests are produced and assembled in our production facility in Bad Bentheim, Germany. Quality checks fall under complete responsibility of PROTEQ bodygear and we are completely liable for all our products.

Extreme quality standards!

PROTEQ bodygear

Designed to proteQt you!