Are these really bulletproof vests? They look so different?

Yes, they are bulletproof vests indeed. Not only has PROTEQ bodygear strayed from the conventional design path, we have also made some essential improvements in comfortability.

PROTEQ bodygear uses materials and technologies based on skiing and sports garments.

Conventional bulletproof vests often feature conspicuous Velcro fasteners on the front side. PROTEQ bodygear has integrated tighteners within the vests. Initial (height) adjustments will take a little longer, but once set, our vests can be put on with the same ease as a T-shirt or a jacket.

A major benefit of Velcro-free vests is their completely smooth front panel. It enables freer movement, as nothing can get caught on it.

Can your vests be adjusted more than once?

Yes, PROTEQ bodygear has opted for hidden adjustment possibilities. Tighteners are partially hidden inside the vest. With the inner elastic belly belt inside our models, you may fixate your back panel in the right position, but please do not tighten this belt too rigidly. For tight fixation, please use the outer belly belt. The outer elastic belly belt may be adjusted to needs with the side and front Velcro strips of the front panel. As Velcro can be a nuisance, we have chosen a type of tightener that leaves the front panel clear of Velcro as much as possible.

Also, the shoulder tighteners have been integrated between the ballistic front and back panels. This keeps the number of protruding parts on top of the ballistic panels at a minimum. After initially adjusting the fasteners, the vest may then be pulled on and off over the head.

In short: Yes, PROTEQ bodygear’s models can be adjusted integrally, more than once.

How comfortable are your vests?

Our bulletproof vests are highly comfortable. we tailor our vests to achieve the perfect fit for you, without making concessions on safety. Using advanced thermo-physiological materials such as Coolmax®, maximises comfort.

How long will your vests last?

For our bulletproof vests, we use aramid fibres (Kevlar or Twaron) or polyethylene (Dyneema). These retain their specific technical qualities for more than 10 years. Depending on your work field, we provide a warranty term of at least 5, to a maximum of 10 years. We maintain a standard warranty period of 2 years on the functional textile outer cover.

How concealed can your undercover vests be worn?

Our ultra-lightweight bulletproof vests are specifically designed to be worn undercover. That is why PROTEQ bodygear chooses the latest bullet-resistant innovations, such as laminated fabrics. The overall ballistic end product is thinner, and fits perfectly under regular (professional) clothing. The Q1 and Q2 models have been especially designed for this application.

Where are your bulletproof vests manufactured?

Our bulletproof vests are developed and designed in Enschede, the Netherlands. All parts of the vests are produced and assembled in our production facility in Bad Bentheim, Germany. Quality checks fall under complete responsibility of PROTEQ bodygear GmbH. PROTEQ bodygear is completely liable for all its products.


Which ballistic protection level should I order?

PROTEQ not only customises body gear to individual measures, we also determine the level of protection depending on our clients’ wishes.

Most of the time, we follow existing, renowned guidelines, such as the German TR, the British HOSDB, or the American NIJ. These standards form a guideline for establishing the characteristics of a specific threat. Standardised protection levels are mostly documented, and complemented by specific threats clients expect in the field. PROTEQ bodygear actively exchanges ideas with clients. Are there any new threats to be expected in a specific field of operation? Is stab protection required? How much freedom of movement does the user need? PROTEQ bodygear has ample development and testing facilities, as well as partners, to offer any kind of desired solution.

PROTEQ bodygear is your exclusive supplier of certified ballistic solutions and vests.

Do the vests also offer protection against rifles and other high-powered arms?

Ultra-lightweight vests cannot stop projectiles from heavy-calibre rifles and extreme speeds.

These can be stopped by upgrading your ultra-light vest with ballistic plates. These consist of a ceramic top layer on a composite of aramid or polyethylene. The ballistic layers are then compressed together, to form a hard-ballistic plate in various shapes, by using high pressure (flat, single curved, and double curved). PROTEQ bodygear’s Q9 model is equipped with these plates, optionally combined with a fitting soft panel.


How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Standard sizes will be delivered within 20 working days after order confirmation. Tailor-made vests, however, will be delivered after 40 days, after receipt of your measurements.

How will the vest be delivered?

We will, at all times, have the vests delivered to you by courier or package service. Upon shipment departure, you will receive a confirmation, including a tracking number.

Is it possible to get a discount for large orders?

We work with graduated prices for larger orders. Even when you order 10 or more vests, it is wise to contact PROTEQ bodygear, to find out how much discount we can offer.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the supplied quality/fit?

In that case, we urge you to contact us immediately. In mutual consensus, we can determine which further steps to take. When your vests do not fit, we will look into it immediately. When there are quality problems, we will at once include them in our quality control system, to avoid future problems. Quality complaints will be processed immediately, free of charge.